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Regenerative Farming

Everything we do on Schoemanshof, is to create a sustainable, healthier and more diverse ecosystem.  From ultra high density grazing with cattle and sheep to growing organic vegetables and Pecan nuts.


Borguni Cattle

Our herd consist of a cross between Boran and Nguni. From birth to slaughter, which takes around 1400 days, they live on a 100% grass diet with no antibiotics, growth hormones of parasite poison.


Meatmaster sheep

Our choice for farming with Meatmaster sheep, was because they are more resilient against parasites, highly fertile and has good carcas quality.


Kolbroek pigs

Farming with Kolbroek pigs, isn't just a pleasure for the way they look and behave, but also the quality of meat they produce.


Organic Vegetables

Because a healthy lifestyle depends on healthy food, we grow our own vegetables. 


Koekoek Chickens

Our chickens roam freely outdoors, scavenging for insects and enjoying as much green grass their little hearts desire. This helps them to produce the most delicious, full of flavour farm eggs.


High Density Grazing

Using HDG we improve our soil health and get our veld back to the savanna it is suppose to be. We move the livestock between two to eight times daily which promotes trampling of grass and evenly spread manure followed by a long rest period of the veld.

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